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The wonderful room are generally attractively embellished and sit on the ground carpet of the landscaping rooms, all positioned in all of our outside structures

The wonderful room are generally attractively embellished and sit on the ground carpet of the landscaping rooms, all positioned in all of our outside structures

We certainly have a selection of spaces within our major residence together with the exterior houses house our personal stunning yard spaces each offering their design and pizzazz. We all also provide a variety of dog-friendly suite fully equipped with things your very own dog will require within their travels, the pub offers supper for canine way too! Emerge the attractive historical community of Tintern The crazy Hare is a perfect accommodations whilst exploring the local area giving a laid-back high end way of accommodation with exceptional on-the-spot dining and a deliciously inviting break fast.

Lovely Spaces

Each area clear onto our very own outrageous floral garden might sleep as many as three people. With a cosy increase and an individual sleep in each room, walk-in baths and the charming 100 Acres equipment at your disposal these areas are a cosy and calming getting away from the each day.

All of our wonderful spaces begin A?105 a night, bed & break fast

Amazing spaces

Our incredible room basically that, fabulous! Installed on the ground floor in our external gardening spaces they might be spacious with super-king measurement beds, bathrooms with baths overhead and some tolerate puppies as well! Each place keeps perfectly fragrant 100 miles items guaranteeing your own continue to be not can feel plush but scents they way too!

Our very own wonderful areas start at A?115 a night, bed & morning meal with a A?10 cost per nights for puppies.

Terrific Places

Our personal remarkable areas bring that additional snippet of deluxe, with splendidly large beds they’ve been attractively through with a country-style feeling good for those seeking a remote escape. The the amazing suite have large walk-in shower enclosures, and something for the places have a stand alone bathtub, if you should especially call for a bath plz build a note in your booking, we’re going to carry out our very own advisable to allow for your necessities but we can not usually guarantee a bath since it is limited by the main area. One of the terrific room is at throughout the major structure, boasting tall ceilings with identity while the various other two Great areas become situated in all of our external property cracking open onto the breathtaking back garden.

Our personal remarkable areas start at A?125 a night, mattress & dinner – two of our wonderful areas tends to be installed around the backyard suite, as well as one within primary premises.

Deluxe Room

Our very own luxurious areas are prepared for a truly special moment off. With balconies to sip your daily java overlooking the breathtaking landscapes as well as the surrounding stylish town of Tintern. That comes with walk-in showers, super-king beds, and coffee machines serving Costa Cofee might help make your avoid that bit more indulgent. Each bathroom provides the full range of 100 Acres products and fluffy bath towels for one to love that spa-like sensation from the comfort of home.

Our personal luxurious rooms begin A?135 per night, sleep & dinner.


We’ve got two just redesigned rooms within raging Hare, each using its personal elegance and flair.

The crazy Hare collection try well-equipped with an attractive modern day home, spacious living space (with a sofa-bed) and a sizable lavish rooms and modern-day en-suite. Disregarding the lovely town of Tintern this suite was cosy, nutritious and pleasing. With a four-poster bed in the main room, it consists of some opulence undetectable through the countryside. The space fee contains sleep and break fast, but in the case youraˆ™re an enthusiastic make it is possible to push the constituents to your doorstep to help you prepare meals is likely to place and perhaps serve up lunch during sexual intercourse.

The fantastic Hare rooms is actually A?225 per night, sleep & dinner.

The afraid Hare rooms are a little subtle deluxe, with exclusive coated wood beams, reduced extensive ceilings and lavish finishing adornment the bashful hare will give you a space to unwind and rest in an enchanting and relaxed location. With a lovely rooms to relax your face and a cosy sitting room for shelling out a night calming and browsing your very own finest e-book, it is one of the favorite places. The wonderful en-suite is complete with natural frequencies and a large drench bathroom to generate a comfy and relaxing setting. The settee for the living room develops into one bed suited to lightweight families traveling jointly.

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